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CFMC Pics from our Agnes Table 4/2/2024 Meal Service

Chippewa Falls Mission Coalition:

Below are pictures from our first CFMC meal service at Agnes’ Table.

I want to thank Art, Sue, Mary, Rose, Lay Pastor Ed, Jeanette and Karen for helping make it a fun, successful meal service. Not sure how many meals we served, but I’m guessing it was in the 150 range. “Yay God!” 

Also, Thank You to Angela, Layla and their Staff for putting up with our CFMC crew. We appreciated their guidance and their patience with our relatively “Rookie” crew. Also a “Yay God” for them! (Be sure to check the quote from Mother Teresa in Layla’s email below.)

Rose and Mary didn’t make it into our group photo, I think they may have been back in the kitchen getting another tray of Mac and Cheese.


It was a Good God Day at Agnes’ Table!

Loving God, Loving People, Making a Difference in His Name!


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