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Lighten Your Load Laundry Assistance Program

To volunteer use our contact page, to let us know you are interested in volunteering at lighten-your-load. We will put you on the volunteer list and an email will be sent the next time open slots are available with a signup genius link you can use to sign up.

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             2024 Lighten Your Load Schedule

Tuesday, January 2                 Tuesday, July 2

Thursday, January 4                July 4 NO LAUNDRY

Tuesday, January 16               Tuesday, July 16

Thursday, January 18              Thursday, July 18


Tuesday, February 6               Tuesday, August 6

Thursday, February 8              Thursday, August 8

Tuesday, February 20             Tuesday, August 20

Thursday, February 22            Thursday, August 22


Tuesday, March 5                   Tuesday, September 3

Thursday, March 7                  Thursday, September 5

Tuesday, March 19                 Tuesday, September 17

Thursday, March 21                Thursday, September 19


Tuesday, April 2                      Tuesday, October 1

Thursday, April 4                    Thursday, October 3

Tuesday, April 16                    Tuesday, October 15

Thursday, April 18                  Thursday, October 17


Tuesday, May 7                       Tuesday, November 5

Thursday, May 9                     Thursday, November 7

Tuesday, May 21                     Tuesday, November 19

Thursday, May 23                   Thursday, November 21


Tuesday, June 4                      Tuesday, December 3

Thursday, June 6                     Thursday, December 5

Tuesday, June 18                    Tuesday, December 17

Thursday, June 20                   Thursday, December 19


Tuesdays arrive between 6 – 8 pm

Thursdays arrive between 1-3 pm

LOCATION:  Express Mart Laundromat, 805 N Bridge St

NOTE: If Chippewa Schools are canceled, LYL is also canceled

Comments From Our “Lighten Your Load” Guests


“To whomever reads this I am a firm believer in the Pay it Forward concept. And what these folks do for people (including my husband and I) brought tears to my eyes and warmth to my heart. Amazing people. Thank you so much. God Bless!” - Jen and Jim

“(PS) We haven’t had any clean clothes in months. I did all our laundry by hand in my bathtub twice.”


“God has worked in wonderful ways in my life. When I feel stuck he always helps me find my way. And without having water for 9 months Lighten Your Load has blessed our family and definitely lightened our load. Thank you very much. Greatly appreciate it. Thank you God Bless” - Jasmine


“I am very thankful I got to meet yall today and I think what yall are doing for people with the “Lighten Your Load” program is and is appreciated by many people like me that are homeless and don’t really have funds to do laundry. So thank you again. Much appreciated. “ - Anna


“You don’t know how hard life can be when you lose your ability to buy essentials and keep your laundry clean!!! What a blessing to have this service and friendly people to talk to and help out when you need a hand to get your laundry in and out. God Bless!”


“Thank you for providing this awesome service. I am low income household and this helps so much. We do have a wash machine but it’s on its way out and only washes half a load at a time. The people here are so nice and always go out of their way to help us. Thank you!”

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